A r ä d r ì t

dal folklore e dalle  tradizioni


A r ä dr ì t, is a warning in Brescia dialect, which was in use in my maternal family and which translated means ara straight or rather do things well, in the right direction.
My dolls want to be a memory of rurality, folklore and legends of the Alpine Arch and their people.
The dolls made with herbs recall those that women once made for children to play while they worked nearby.
My intention is to make known the native mountain plants of the woods where I live and to honor an ancient custom.
Rag dolls, on the other hand, are made with fabrics recovered from garments long forgotten in the attics.
The padding of the bodies is in wool that I unravel by hand and recovered from the seasonal shearing of the flocks nearby, or in straw or hay, always from the surroundings.
The heads, feet and hands are carved in wood, branches and other materials that I collect around here.
Woods, attics, stables and pastures give me almost everything.
Everything is made entirely by hand without the use of electricity, in my house as it used to be, in the mountains.

the clothing line I created is also inspired by folklore and traditions for a rural and contemporary style. It is composed of clothing and accessories that you can order by requesting customizations or buy directly in the shop on Etsy.

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Elisabetta Gaboardi

After living for four years in Certaldo, a small and ancient medieval village on the hills of Florence, where I closed my last atelier, I moved to live in a small mountain village, Belprato, where, in the intimacy of my home , close to the people I love and who love me, I now personally make my creations. Hand sewn as they used to be, stitch by stitch, weaving herbs and carving wood details, inspired by rural folklore and traditions. The love for the history of the people, the uses and customs typical of the places where they live, led me a few years ago to found L'Ortica Bianca Onlus , of which I am still the president today, with the aim of protecting these values and making them relive; recovering jobs and a lifestyle that is unfortunately disappearing, bringing with it precious memories and knowledge.

With this tailoring, which is the natural evolution of the previous one, Jenny Couture, in addition to doing the usual job, I intend to create a new line inspired by the recovery of old clothing used in the various mountain areas and to create a new Rural Style for men. , woman, child, bride and house that looks, with love and pride to the past.

I am the stylist and the owner of the tailor's shop.

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